Monday, July 23, 2012

2012 Stansbury Reunion

July 15-17, 2012 Brought all kids and grandkids together (except for Taylor who is in Mexico on a mission)
Sunday evening scripture cookie bookmark coloring

Sunday night Sleepover time (the girl section)

Sunday Night Sleepover time (the boy section)
  Monday we went to the Tooele indoor pool and spent a couple of hours having water fun. There were not very many people there so the adults and kids on laps were able to go up and down the water slide non-stop. Jackson and Channing were continuously on the slide and all had a great time.

Monday night the kids slept downstairs again but this time all in front of the TV. Mary Poppins began the night but no one lasted too long after the busy afternoon at the pool. Shane, Heather, Troy, Tracie, Jeremy, MacKenzie and Brett enjoyed dinner at Market Street Grill and an evening on the town. They were not allowed back in Stansbury until noon Tuesday!

Monday evening brought rain outside but more coloring fun inside

The kids enjoying singing songs and doing actions with Grandpa.

The rain cleared up quickly and so began the highlight activity! Talmage and Connor were in bed so the rest of them got to discover "bumps" in the greenbelt. You should have heard the giggles!!! Warmed my "grandma" heart!

Tuesday morning all the kids "handprinted" a T-shirt for their mom and dad and Uncle Brett. We drew pictures to send to Uncle Taylor.  The next-door neighbor's trampoline and sandbox also provided entertainment for all these cute kids.  Thanks to everyone for coming and helping create all the memories. Families are Great!!!!!


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