Monday, July 23, 2012

2012 Stansbury Reunion

July 15-17, 2012 Brought all kids and grandkids together (except for Taylor who is in Mexico on a mission)
Sunday evening scripture cookie bookmark coloring

Sunday night Sleepover time (the girl section)

Sunday Night Sleepover time (the boy section)
  Monday we went to the Tooele indoor pool and spent a couple of hours having water fun. There were not very many people there so the adults and kids on laps were able to go up and down the water slide non-stop. Jackson and Channing were continuously on the slide and all had a great time.

Monday night the kids slept downstairs again but this time all in front of the TV. Mary Poppins began the night but no one lasted too long after the busy afternoon at the pool. Shane, Heather, Troy, Tracie, Jeremy, MacKenzie and Brett enjoyed dinner at Market Street Grill and an evening on the town. They were not allowed back in Stansbury until noon Tuesday!

Monday evening brought rain outside but more coloring fun inside

The kids enjoying singing songs and doing actions with Grandpa.

The rain cleared up quickly and so began the highlight activity! Talmage and Connor were in bed so the rest of them got to discover "bumps" in the greenbelt. You should have heard the giggles!!! Warmed my "grandma" heart!

Tuesday morning all the kids "handprinted" a T-shirt for their mom and dad and Uncle Brett. We drew pictures to send to Uncle Taylor.  The next-door neighbor's trampoline and sandbox also provided entertainment for all these cute kids.  Thanks to everyone for coming and helping create all the memories. Families are Great!!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I guess since neither mom or dad will update the blog I will jot down a little bit just so the most recent post isn't from July. So I just finished up my first semester at BYU.
The college life is great, so much better than high school its not even a contest. It helped that my classes this semester were ridiculously easy and I spent more time watching TV then I did studying. And a small word of advice, if any of your kids go into statistics have them take AP Stat in high school. So far my first two stat classes have been reviews of AP just adding a little more detail. The all-sport pass is easily the best investment I made, the football games were great, the basketball games have been good so far, only 2 days until Baylor comes to town!! Although I was thoroughly surprised that the women's game vs. Utah had about 1,000 fans and most of them were families. Didn't seem like a rivalry game to me. But I mean that pretty much sums up that semester, pretty basic and boring haha

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Food, Fun and Family - Who Needs More?

Lots of yummy food to be found at the 1st Annual Ware Family Reunion.

How did Kate get to be the lucky one to pull the other two on a "ride"?

The adults go "fishing" for money - how much did you get, Lynn?

The boys go "fishing" for treasures.

Now it's the girls turn to catch those treasures.

Scarlett drives Samara to the garage at the end of a wonderful weekend of food, fun, and family. Great memories!

Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Always Fun When Grandkids Come; When Grandkids Come to Stay

Friday night sleepover in the living room with the feature presentation of "Dumbo" playing on the little TV on the piano bench.

Saturday morning breakfast and Talmage joins the party.

"Caps for sale, caps for sale. Fifty cents a cap."Everyone had a turn being the cap peddler. Thanks Grandpa for the use of all the caps.

Saturday picnic outside. The kids said the blanket was a boat and all around them was water. The concrete was the sand. Check out the next picture to see how everyone swam to the island in the greenbelt.

What a great time we had! Grandkids are welcome here anytime (and parents are, too.)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Fun

Now that Brett has a job at the airport and works 5 days a week he doesn't have as much time for this fun practice event as before but these pictures tell of his great desire. First he contemplates the routine.

Next, he gets Dad to help him "mow" a tee box to make the shot more realistic.And finally, the practice swings begin.

Brett does indeed LOVE the game of golf.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brett's Big Day

Today was Brett's graduation day for Stansbury High School. Congratulations!

Preparing for the toss of the tassel and the toss of the cap. Check below to see Brett's blonde bare head on the back row. Who knows where his cap ended up!

Outside the Huntsman Center after the ceremony. Yes, it's finally over and yes, Dad and Mom were there to see it happen.

Good job, Brett. Off to college in the fall.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Time Sure Flies

Looking at the last post on our blog it seems as if time is running at an incredible rate, but in reality time cannot be moving slower. School just doesn't seem to end, it snowed last week, and Taylor is still in the United States. Here is a recap of the past 130 days since our last post. Let's cut the chit chat and get to some pictures.

Me and Taylor putting a new spin on the Christmas break puzzle tradition. We had a 40-piece puzzle race, it was a heated battle but alas I came out on top.

Stansbury Village won an unprecedented fourth straight stake basketball championship. We are talking a minimum eight-peat here. Are hopes are put into the young men's organization and Glenn Roberts as our "Big Four" of high school talented players are all gone.

Taylor completed all of his mission interviews and received his call.

Mom and Dad spent some time in California after Talmage was born to help Jer and Kenz adjust to having four children in their home. Unluckily this trip fell on the first week of 2nd semester (the only time where I can't miss school).

My desperate attempt to get a tan in February

The ultimate sign of Taylor's return from college, the two ipod touch's sharing counter space. Taylor has been home for just over a week and will be leaving on Wednesday for the MTC. I will not be in attendance because of one of the 10 days in which I must go to school. For a year in which I haven't done anything in school I tend to be missing a lot of stuff.

And finally in the spirit of Mother's day we received a shipment of flowers this past week (from Texas?). Mom feels pretty special because it was sent by the renowned Hymn writer and composer Anon.

It's only fitting that this post occurs on Mother's Day. It is no suprise that teenage boys don't exactly show a lot of affection and appreciation for the mother's, but that doesn't mean that it isn't there. I think we are all eternally grateful to have you as our mom and I just want to say thank you for giving me such a great enviroment to learn and grow into adulthood. Love you mom.